How to Get Rid of The Flu

Can you feel a flu coming on? If you have a chesty cough, a fever, a runny nose and runny eyes, it is very likely that you are coming down with the flu. The best way to take care of flu is to do something about it as soon as you feel its symptoms. There are many flu treatments and here are a few of the best ones:

- Load up on Vitamin C. It is great for helping to beat the flu. Get organic oranges, make your own orange juice and drink lots of it. You can find vitamin C in plenty of other natural products like apples, bananas, gambooge (also called garcinia cambogia, you can find some here), etc.

Don’t go for store bought most of the brands are loaded with chemicals. You can add a dash of lemon juice to your orange juice. It helps to add to the amount of Vitamin C that you get. If it gets too bitter, use a little honey to sweeten.

- Apple cider vinegar is a great flu treatment. Although not very well known, it is a miracle cure. Use about 3 tablespoons and top it off with hot water (as hot as you can sip it). Sip on it all day long and you will notice the symptoms subside. If you want to reduce flu occurrences in your life, make it a part of your lifestyle to consume apple cider vinegar. If you find it too bitter, use a little honey to sweeten.

- Stinging nettle tea is also great for clearing congestion in the chest and treating flu. It comes in powder form or tea bags. Whichever form you are able to find, boil the right quantity and sip on the warm tea all day. It happens to be a great overall detoxifier.

- Staying warm will not help you heal but it will keep your symptoms from getting worse. Bundle up next to the fire. If you are running a fever, you should take something to keep the fever down.

If your flu is particularly bad and no home remedy is helping, it is time to see your doctor. Lastly, get your flu shots on time so that you can reduce the risk of coming down with it this year. Make sure you also take multi-vitamins, or supplements rich in vitamins A and D like omega 3 krill oil.

Also, don’t do any physical exercise, even if you are in the middle of a workout program to lose weight. You should rest instead, and do physical exercise again when you start feeling better. (If you can read French, I highly recommend that you visit

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